Bogota, Colombia 8 - 10 September, 2015

Sede el simposio

El simposio se realizará en la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Sede y Centro Empresarial Chapinero. Dirección: Calle 67 nro. 8-32/44

Following its purpose to integrate visions for biosdiversity and ecosystem services in urban-regional management in Colombia, the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Investigation of Biological Resources, in association with the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE) and EcoNat Ltd., are convening the International Symposium on Urban Ecology.

The event constitutes the First International Symposium on Urban Ecology in the Latin American context, and is proceeded by ten international academic events of SURE (Germany, China, France, Romania and Russia) and by forums such as “Relevance of the focus on Urban Ecosystems: An integrative concept for the management of urban-regional environments in Colombia,” organized by SURE, the Humboldt Institute, the Bogotan Hills Foundation and EcoNat which occurred in Barranquilla, Medellin and Bogota in February, 2014.

The Symposium will be presided over by Jürgen Breuste (President of SURE), Brigitte Baptiste (General Director of the Humboldt Institute) and Henry Garay Sarasti (CEO in Econat - Colombia). Additionally, international experts associated with SURE and the Humboldt Institute will be present to share their expertise in transformative processes in cities.

General Objective

Strengthen the knowledge and exchange of experience in urban ecology at a national and international level, through interaction between the diverse actors involved local transformative processes.

Specific Objectives

•  Promote the concept of Urban Ecology, and areas of application as an opportunity for urban development
•  Analyze the state of Urban Ecology, especially in the Latin American and national contexts
•  To provide conceptual and methodological tools and elements that improve the understanding of biodiversity in urban management
•  To promote the dialogue and interaction between researchers, decision makers and the public sector to expand understanding of biodiversity and urban ecosystem services

Themes of the Symposium

•  Ecocities and eco-urbanism
•  Urbanization and biodiversity
•  Innovative urban planning and development
•  Natural elements in the design and management of public space
•  Resilient cities and opportunities for urban biodiversity
•  Management of water in urban environments
•  Adaptation and mitigation of climate change in urban environments
•  Urban protected areas: new roles and management frameworks
•  Ecological structure as support for cities, opportunities offered by instruments of urban planning
•  Urban biodiversity
•  Urban ecosystem services
•  Blue and green infrastructure
•  Urban agriculture

Public Objective

The Symposium is designed for managers and professionals in urbanism, architecture and landscape design, urban environmental management and biodiversity conservation in urban environments; actors such as local government leaders, private sector representatives, teachers and university students in the aforementioned sectors.


The International Society of Urban Ecology (SURE), is an international society made up of members from every continent of the world. As its name suggests, the aim of the society is the expansion of knowledge about the relationship between nature and urban centres. Headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, it seeks to promote and develop the knowledge and application of urban ecology worldwide through roundtables between researchers, practitioners and industry, thus achieving a synergy between all parties and thereby, obtain the correct and effective application of Urban Ecology.

The previous events held by the society are:

•  International Workshop Environmental Conflicts (September 4 – 6, 2014, Bucharest, Romania)
•  The Salzburg Summer School on Allotment Gardens in European Cities in Salzburg (1-4 July 2014)
•  Natureparif Congress 2014 in Paris (4 – 5 June 2014, Field trips 6 – 7 June 2014)
•  2nd SURE Summer School 2013 in Shanghai (27th October - 2nd November 2013)
•  SURE World Conference in Berlin, Germany (25 - 27 July 2013)
•  7th ICON-LA Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia (5 - 7 June 2013)
•  SURE is co-organizer of the Conference Biodiversity & urban policies / Paris, France (4th April 2013)
•  SURE Workshop in Bochum, Germany (31 August - 1 September 2012)
•  SURE Symposium at the IALE World Congress in Peking, China (18 - 23 August 2011)
•  SURE Summer School 2011 in Shanghai (14th to 16th of August 2011)


The Society for Urban Ecology (SURE) has formed an Alliance with EcoNat and the Alexander von Humboldt Institute to present the First International Symposium of Urban Ecology in Latin America. This event is jointly organized by Jürgen Breuste (SURE), Brigitte Baptiste (Alexander von Humboldt Institute), Henry Garay Sarasty (EcoNat) and Cecilia Herzog (SURE Brazil).

The event is a space in which national and international experts in urban ecology, who take part in transformative processes in different cities, can meet and share knowledge. This space will be open for the presentation, debate and investigation in major areas of the discipline, such as: urbanization, eco-cities & urban environmental management, green and blue infrastructure, and biodiversity in built space.

The International Urban Ecology Symposium aims to foster spaces which assist in the development and applicability of Urban Ecology in the formation of cities, through collaboration with the different sectors involved in transformative urban processes at national and international levels.

Event Site: Chamber of Commerce Auditorium in Bogota, Colombia
Dates: 8 – 10 September, 2015