Course on Urban Ecology

Urban ecology is a discipline that deals with the interaction and relationships between cities and the natural world. It is an interdisciplinary science that covers a broad array of issues; such as how urban areas can be habitat for species, the effects of natural spaces on the wellbeing of city dwellers, the ways that cities affect material and energy flows in a landscape and how cities as socio-physical organisms contribute to broader problems such as climate change and the existence of poverty.

Given that the majority of the world’s inhabitants live in the urban setting in the twenty-first century, urban ecology is a vital frontier in the quest for human-ecological sustainability. This course will give you a brief overview of the history of urban ecology as a discipline, a history of the development of cities, and an insight into key areas of enquiry; such as biodiversity in cities, the relationship between socio-economic vulnerability and environmental degradation, and sustainable urban planning and technology.